Top Soil in Evesham

We supply topsoil to projects ranging from home gardening tasks to large building sites. If you are looking for top quality topsoil in Oxfordshire and the surrounding area, contact Stobart Haulage.

We also remove topsoil from site and dispose of it as part of our domestic and commercial waste disposal services. Contact us today and we will offer a free quote on a job that is bound to satisfy your needs.

Call us for a free quote today on 01608 670050.

We can deliver the following certified grade and screened grade top soil products direct to your project

  • General purpose top soil
  • High quality top soil
  • 60/40 clay mix conditioner top soil
Our topsoil is suitable for a variety of purposes and is free of rocks and weeds. Our high quality soil is formulated to ensure the highest of standards and certified to British Industry Standard.

Typically, 1 tonne of topsoil will cover 10-15 square meters of land, but if you’re having trouble calculating the amount you need please give us a call.

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